Saturday, February 19, 2011

Work that Job, but Don't Work Your Life Away...

My new Dansko tennis shoes:

My kids loved them.  They are very comfortable.  :) 

We went to Doc Crows.  It is a new restaurant down by the YUM Center.  They have southern food, and it is very nicely decorated.  I love trying new places to eat.

I had crab cakes for an appetizer, then pulled pork tacos with mac and cheese and braised greens.  YUM!

View from our table...

The restaurant is much larger than what it appears!

I love taking pictures together!

We went to the wrong theater, but were able to get roasted pecans before heading to the right theater.  The Peking Acrobats were amazing.  We had second row tickets.  This doesn't normally happen for us.  I am more about us being able to attend more quantity events than having awesome seats.  We lucked out on this, since I thought we were sitting in the balcony.

During a particularly challenging part of the routine, I gasped "WOW." 

HH comes back not missing a beat and says, "Yes, but can they organize a guided reading group?" 

I love this man!!!


ChiTown Girl said...

Oh my hell, Ben is hysterical!!!!!

Your dinner sounded awesome! My word ver word is actually "herwant" as in "Her want your dinner!!"

Sarah G said...

Seriously cute shoes!!