Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fun Times

My principal did something pretty cool yesterday.

He comes in the room in a pretty stern and strict manner, and tells my student teacher and I that we need to leave the room.  He says he wants to address lunchroom behavior, yet again, and we don't need to hear it.  We leave, he slams the door, and starts yelling about lunchroom behavior.  Then it gets quiet, where we can't hear him. 

He told the kids that he found our papers about how we plan for tests, and he has made a copy of them.  They are a packet of things that would help our students learn content.  The cover had Top Secret/Confidential on it.  He said if we knew about it, he would be in so much trouble, and just played it up.  He ends with another big rant about how if things don't change in the lunch room...blah, blah!

We come back in, really play up the lunchroom misbehavior.  The kids have these small smirks on their faces, but truly think they have one over on us.  I even pretend to get upset over the smirking. 

Tricking them into studying....pretty brilliant.

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