Friday, February 4, 2011

Counting Blessings

Because I Need to Remind Myself of the Blessings I Have...

* An outpouring of love from my work and church family during our loss
* My friend Cheryl being there at the precise moment I needed to ball
* Seeing my sister smile and start taking the next steps in her life
* Co-workers who gathered all my work so I could have another day off to rest
* A student teacher who is awesome, including grading a huge stack of papers and having my room somewhat put back together for my return
* Sweet notes from my students, and lots of hugs
* An easier grad class for my husband
* HH: who worked for me for 3.5 hours yesterday doing things I needed, and the day before for an hour before school.  He said, "Your school could employ someone full time to sharpen pencils, and it wouldn't be a waste of money."

I could go on.  Thank. You. God.

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