Sunday, February 27, 2011

Student Teacher's Last Day

I really LOVED this student teacher.  She rocked it every single minute of every single day!  I let Dierra take pictures because she does the best job with the camera. 

Her husband is in the military, and is getting ready to be commissioned as an officer.  She may not be able to start teaching right away, so I went the home decorating route for her gifts.

I was pretty loony for needing sleep at this point!

HH and the arrival of the gourmet cupcakes!

I was feeling so bad I didn't even eat a cupcake!

I taught a shared reading lesson this morning about the origin of April Fool's Day.  I started the lesson by telling the students about what HH had done to me last April Fool's Day.  As soon as he got there, they all wanted to hear the story from him!

Our new student teacher starts tomorrow. 

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