Sunday, February 27, 2011

Being Sick

HH and I have spent the weekend sick.  On Thursday, I thought I was having an allergy bout, and went to bed at 6:30, got up around 9:30, and went back to bed at 10:00 for the night.  Friday, I felt horrible.  The only reason I went to school was because it was my fabulous student teacher's last day.  I wanted to give her the cool party I had planned.  I should have gone to Urgent Care right after work, but instead I went to bed.

I was second in line for Urgent Care on Saturday morning.  I have bronchitis.  I got a Zpac, and some heavy duty cough medicine.  I slept most of Saturday away.  It was the best sleep I'd had in days.  I plan on doing nothing but resting today as well. 

I will announce later on today our Spring Break plans.  We are waiting on a phone call to confirm things, but it has to do with HH and a job prospect.

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ChiTown Girl said...

Woo hoo! Can't wait to hear the job details!

Sorry you've both been sick, though. That stinks. Glad you were able to get a Zpac. Those things are amazing. :)

This week's Southwest email had fares to Louisville for $85. That goes both ways, ya know. hint, hint... ;-)