Monday, February 14, 2011

The Benefit: Remembering a Life

My sister organized these photos to display at the benefit.  Also, on each table, there was a framed photo of him with the kids and herself.

This was the auction room.  I had never been to a live auction.  That was kinda cool to see.  HH and I didn't bid on anything, but it was fun listening to the auctioneer.

I only got to snap one picture from my camera throughout the night.  My mom had put me in charge of her camera, and she expects a LOT of pictures to be taken when she does that.

My mom took these towards the end of the night of HH and I:

These pictures were taken pretty late into the evening, and we had a long day of planning/setting up.  Fatigue had certainly set in for me.  HH was a live wire, and was ready to go for more. 

There were over 300 people who came out to the benefit.  I appreciate all the love and support people showed towards my sister and family.  The day was really long, but the end result was a very rewarding feeling.

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