Thursday, February 3, 2011

Coming Back

I am finally coming back out from everything.  I went to work yesterday and today.  Here are some pictures....

My niece Mallory eating the Lick-a-Stick I bought for her:

Day of the funeral pictures:

Mom and her "I just need one close up" pictures....

My Parents:

My Mom and I:

My dinner tonight.  I found this recipe online for Texas Toast Pizzas.  I bought the five cheese kind, added pizza sauce, pepperoni, and some mozz cheese.  They were so easy to fix and YUMMY!  We have gotten into a horrible habit of eating out ALL the time.  This is going to be a hard habit to get out of, but I am working on no eating out during the week (even to my beloved Moe's Southwest Grill).

My student teacher got me a small gift, and the kids signed the cards for me.  They were ultra sweet when I came back on Wednesday.  They knew that my BIL was very sick.

I'm looking forward to a good weekend.  We have several plans, and I can't wait to show pictures!


Missie said...

Glad your back.

Laurie ( said...

Aww, reading those notes from your students got me so teary eyed! That's so sweet!
Glad you are back.