Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 2

I completed day two this morning on the treadmill. I am glad I worked hard at it. This is going to get easier each day I know.

Ben asked, "Does the 30 for 30 challenge allow for chewing to be considered as aerobic activity?" I said NO! I decided I should put that on my blog for the record.

I was videotaped the other day at work. I am actually kind of excited to get the video back. I know that I didn't look horrible in it. This would have not been the case a little over two years ago. I remember being videotaped in graduate school and having to watch it played back in class...I was so embarrassed.

If you aren't using google reader, I highly recommend it. It is really helping me stay on top of the blogs I am interested in. If you want to see what I am reading/following, please check out my profile.


Name: Lynise said...

ummm, whats google reader?

Laurie ( said...

I made it through day 2 as well! I think I did about 45 minutes total! WOO HOO! :)

I'm glad you started the challenge... I needed a kickstart!