Friday, April 24, 2009


Last night I had a great time with my best friend Wendy at the Josh Turner concert! :) I miss not being able to see her everyday at school. Tonight we are meeting up with the couple we met last weekend at Thunder Over Louisville. We are going to dinner, then to Borders to their coffee shop to play board games.

I am almost finished watching FAT: What No One Is Telling You. One scene really resonated with me. It was between a man who was going to get gastric bypass surgery and his cousin (who by appearances looked as if he had never been overweight). The cousin was criticizing him for taking the easy way out, and saying how if he just hit the gym things would easily get better. For him, weight loss is a clear linear progression. There is a whole segment of the population (myself included) where weight loss was NOT a clear linear progression, but instead a wild roller coaster ride.

Another thing that I found interesting was the body's natural desire to maintain a certain body weight. Even when we decide that we want our weight to be ___ number, our brain may decide something very different.

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