Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just When I Thought Wedding Planning Was Going to Be Easy...

Things were going so smooth, I almost wondered how people had a lot of stress planning a wedding. Then, last night mom and I had the first fight over the wedding. It was over our cake topper.

Ben and I want a salt and pepper shaker glued together on top of our wedding cake. Yes, I realize this is very odd, but it is OUR cake. This is what WE want. The cake topper is significant to the movie, "Fireproof." We are typing up a small write-up to tell why we chose that as our wedding topper. My mom tells us we cannot have it. I proceed to tell her that I will have that, no cake at all, or pay for my own wedding cake. I had her talk with Ben, and even as Ben stayed so even keel, she was still very upset. There were a few other things that she was edging to have a fight about, but I didn't engage her anymore. I called my dad and he said that he would take care of the situation, and although he thinks the cake topper is odd, if it makes up happy, he is fine with it.

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