Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day One: Sugar Detox

I made it through alive. It was tough. I didn't end up strapped to ome bed like they do for people who are detoxing from drugs, but it was a near miss. I thought about chocolate all day long! Grrrr!!!

I was telling my best friend Wendy about this. She gave me a good suggestion. She has one day a week where she can eat a special dessert. Outside of that day, things are off limits. She was right when she went on to say, it is not about "banning" certain items, but learning to find a balance with food.

Work was interesting today as fighter planes kept going over the school building all afternoon. They were practicing for Thunder over Louisville tomorrow. Ben stayed at my place to get the Direct TV fixed. We went for a really nice walk in the park, then to dinner at Tony Romas, and came back to watch Madea's Class Reunion.

Tomorrow I am going to Thunder Over Louisville for the first time. I am really excited about doing this. I told Ben that I had a few reasons I hadn't gone before (sad, since I am a Louisville native)....I want a real bathroom, and the crowds are rough, so I wanted a place where I could be and not be completely crowded. While those reasons are both true, I also think that I couldn't physically withstand the taxing demands of such a long day, and so much walking at 393 pounds. This is another new experience that I will savor!

Ben and I are going to do a slow dance for the traditional first dance, but I'd also love to do a fun dance that we learn that puts those people on Dancing with the Stars to shame. I was thinking of the song "Footloose." If we decide to do this, it is going to mean squeezing in weekly private dance lessons. I would love to "wow" our guests with something so fun.

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