Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Thoughts

I am sitting here eating my soup that I made using Paula Dean's recipe. It is really good! What I especially liked is that it was very easy to make. I did opt to use canned chicken to speed the process up. I also added an extra can of beans to up the nutritional value. I will certainly be making this soup again.

I didn't realize that Ben used to be heavier as a kid. Perhaps he told me before, but I really don't recall it. We were talking about little comments that people make that really stick with you. He was saying how he vividly remembers his father making fun of him for being fat. I told him about my one aunt who told her husband, "Be careful Donnie, watch your back, she is the size of an adult." (My uncle was helping me back into the boat on a weekend trip.)

Now it is time for a Sunday afternoon NAP!

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