Sunday, April 19, 2009

What Business Is It of Yours?

What a BLAST we had at Thunder yesterday! We met some great new people, and had an amazing spot to view the fireworks! I have posted a picture of Ben and I, along with one of me in the fireworks. :) So, about the post title...Ben was carrying two funnel cake plates to the trash, and this drunk guy loudly says, "Wow, two funnel cakes, gonna pack on the pounds." If I were not a Christian, oh the things that would have come out of my mouth!

This is the outfit that I wore to church today. I thought I looked very cute in it, so I had Ben take my picture wearing it. What is really cool was being able to see that the sides of the jacket could have been taken in an inch and half on each side, and the jacket is a size small! :) I'm also not so sure I like having bangs. They never seem to lay the way that I want them to.
I LOVE this new food from South Beach Living!

I have tried the apple juice sugar free mix. I look forward to trying the cranapple soon. These are both sugar free.

This afternoon after napping, Ben and I went to the mall to get him some shoes. We walk by a store, and Ben says, "Now there are some realistic mannequins." Ben didn't know that the store was Lane Bryant for plus sized women. This brought up an interesting discussion, as the mannequins really looked like normal healthy weight people you would see out in the world. I also explained to Ben not only do many stores have size 0 mannequin (or so it seems), but many times they have to pin the clothes so they can fit the unrealistically small sizes they portray.

Ok, I'm going to get off here. I am getting eight hours of sleep tonight.

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Rachel said...

Funnel cake man: In the words of Stephanie Tanner, "How rude!"

It's interesting to hear a (normal) guy's perspective on mannequins. You've found yourself quite a keeper. :)

One last thing: I consider myself a bang expert of sorts, having had both them, and a cow-lick (curly spot) for years. Three solutions:
1. Good: Velcro rollers. ($8 at Target). You just comb your bangs straight (when they are wet) and wrap the hair around the roller.. it sticks with the velcro. Then just leave it for a bit, blowdry it, and take it out when it is cool. Perfect, easy bangs. (I do this most days).
Note: this link has a price that is way off. I would also go with the medium size (the red ones) if I were you... they are also good for adding height at the back.

2. Better: Round-brush blow dryer (around $15 at Target). Works well on bangs, but if you have thick/ a lot of hair, takes forever to dry your hair... it might work well for you since yours is very fine (for bangs and the rest of it).

3. Best: Love of my life, the flat iron. ($50-350). Since your hair looks straight.. might not be crucial for you (I'm wavy). Definitely helps bangs, and you can flip/ curl the ends of your hair with the newer ones (the plates bounce a little).

Post is way longer than I meant, hope I didn't offend, just have struggled with taming bangs my whole life!