Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mini Road Trip

HH and I left after church on Sunday for a mini-road trip.  We went to Pierre, and stayed the night.  Have I mentioned that I love the Clubhouse Inn and Suites?  NICE, especially for here!

We picked out three pumpkins.  I'm painting one, and HH will be carving the other two.

I got my hair cut and colored.  

I also bought five new cooking magazines (the special ones for the holiday), since I already subscribe to all the normal ones.

HH got a glowing dentist report, and I continue to be my mother's daughter.  I have one small cavity, but my very first crown (which I had a root canal on), has had decay, and must be replaced.  He mentioned that it will probably need a post.  That word freaked me out, but he says it is much easier than a root canal.  I keep saying "HE" because his wife, my normal dentist is out on maternity leave.  I'll be getting that done in November.

All around in the cooking/baking blogosphere I've been seeing these in recipes:

I'm already regretting only buying three bags since I'm seeing so many recipes with them!

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