Thursday, October 18, 2012

Between moments of working and trying to finish LOST

This week went by so quickly!  It will be Christmas before you know it!
Sixlet No Bake Cookies
Peanut Butter Cookies with Candy Corn M&Ms
S'more Cookies (The
(These cookies are going over to the ER later on today.)

How the heck can HH's shoe get stuck in his shirt sleeve after going through the washer?

Funny Moments with My Students:

I always talk with my kids about how everyone has a boss, and everyone has things that they don't feel like doing, but have to do, etc.  One day last week I said, "Guys, it could be worse, think about who Mr. F's boss is."  One of my girls says, "YOU?"  Haha!  I said no, but before I could say more, another kid says, "His boss is GOD!"
In Other News:
I am taking Zoloft now.  I've had a lot of bouts of uncontrollable crying and mood swings in the past six months.  They have increased in frequency enough that it was beyond time not to do something.  I'm not depressed at all, and I really do love my life, but can't control some of this crying stuff.  It was even getting to where I was tearing up and crying in public (like while I getting my hair done sitting under the dryer).  Sunday after church was a breaking point when I said, "I'm feeling really sad and I don't know why."
I had HH come back with me to talk with the doctor to make sure how I felt was adequately described. We are starting with Zoloft on the lowest dose, and will work to adjust things as time goes on, especially since I have the malabsoprtion issue to deal with.
I can already see the results.  I'm feeling better than I've felt in a long time.

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