Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Homecoming Week Begins

Yesterday was the beginning of Homecoming Week.  My high school back home never made a big deal of this, so this is new to me.
Yesterday was dress like a pirate day.

I had to try on Demi's wig!

This boy is one of my favorite kiddos.  He loves to write, and always has a notebook with him.  He frequently says "That is confidential," when you ask him something.  I found a vendor on Etsy to create this journal for him.  For about the past week, I kept asking him, "Nathaniel, do you ever get the feeling that something good is about to happen to you?"  He would just shrug his shoulders, and look at me like I was crazy.  Well, yesterday something "good" happened to him.  He was elated, and must have said thank you a hundred times.

So I think part of this began when I read Almost Amish earlier this year, but now that I am reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker, I am certainly in the mode to simplify my life.

I have not done all the months of projects, and most likely will not.  I am doing the possessions chapter.    I just look around and see so much excess.  I have in total 433 items piled on that bed.  That is 433 items that I have let crowd my life.  Each day my eyes are becoming more and more open to what I need, and justifying why this is a "need."  Do we really need to own three salt and pepper shakers?  Do we really need an everyday set of dishes and a set of china (my china can be dishwashed, microwaved, and frozen).

Jen Hatmaker talks about meaningfully purging your things.  Sure, you could just drop everything off at a consignment store, but why not use these giveaways as an opportunity to build relationships with those around you?  I've done this twice now.  I gave about 15 country CDs to a lady I work with.  I access all my music digitally now, and don't have the need to keep the CDs.  I also gave away a very nice set of bowls (and serving bowl) that belonged to Ben's grandmother.  There is a lady I work with who had just moved into a new place.  I wrote her a note about why I was giving her what I did, and I hoped she would cook good things, and enjoy time with her family using these bowls.

 Needless to say, NOTHING is safe.  I'm constantly scanning for what needs to be moved into this pile.

Here is a video of the author and two of her friends discussing chapter 3:

7 - Month 3: Possessions Bloom (in)courage Book Club from Bloom (in)courage on Vimeo.


I also had my first "virtual meet up" with other single staff church pastor's wives last night.  I found this community group through "Leading and Loving It."  I'm so excited about the chance to talk monthly with ladies who are in very similar positions as I am.  We also have a private Facebook page in which we can communicate needs/questions on a more regular basis.

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