Tuesday, September 28, 2010

That's How We Roll...

So the lady in our condo complex is losing her mind....she is getting the early signs of dementia.  She lives with her husband, and has taken one of our neighbor friends Mandy as a personal crusade.  She is really mean to her.  She has cussed her out, made pretty outlandish accusations about her.  Today, she hit her on the head three times with a BROOM because of plastic chairs.  My husband had talked with her earlier, and made her cooler about everything.

Well, tonight after HH and I have a cookies and cake run.  I say, "Lets go to Mandy's door with a broom in hand."  We went and knocked on her door, and I said we had some problems we needed to talk with her about.  We all had a good laugh.  Laughter is good for the soul. 

This time next week I'll be painting the town red with ChiTown Girl!  WOO HOO!!!  :)