Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Small Moments

A few glipses into my day....

* Tyler tells me that he didn't bring back his weekly homework packet because he went to see the Dracula play at Actors Theater this weekend.  Tyler is a sharp kid.  I laughed and said I didn't know the play went from Friday at 4:00 until Monday at 8:00.  He got it instantly and said he would have it in tomorrow.

* We had ballroom dance today.  My kids are really getting into it.  About half way through the session, I look over and see huge tears in Idonna's eyes.  I pull her aside to find out what is wrong.  She said her hips were aching.  She had a major surgery last school year from a birth defect on her hips.  She was out for a month.  She most likely has several more surgeries over the next few years.  I held her and told her how sorry I was that she was in pain.  She curled up on my park bench for the rest of the day.  (I am buying her a card and a treat this morning on the way in.)

* I had a meeting after school that was supposed to be an hour, and turned out to be two.  :(

* I met with my student teacher.  She will be with me full time starting October 8th, but will be coming at 2:00 until the end of the day on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  She is very different from the seven that I have had in the past.  I'll just leave it at that for now.

* HH had my dinner waiting on me when I got home.  He did the mundane task of putting all the names, my name, Principal's name, school, phone number, school year, and student id on their electronic version of the report card.  (Talk about saving me an hour there!)  Then he read me Paul Revere's Ride.  (This is all while I am grading homework packets.)

* Our night ended with me being pretty agitated and upset.  I turn on Oprah, and see a new documentary called, "Waiting for Superman."  This is about how all public schools are failing, and it is only the teacher's fault.  This really got me going as I started telling HH my thoughts.  The movie comes out this Friday, and I want to go see it.  I can't seem to find that it is coming out in our area.  HH does not want us to go to this movie for a billion obvious reasons.

The skirt streak broke yesterday....I wore pants.  I had a good run of wearing skirts for 24 school days in a row.  (It helps that I actually don't mind them that much.)  We'll see how long the next stretch will be.


JLI said...

I saw that last few minutes of Oprah yesterday where she handed out (6) $1 million dollar checks to six schools. Admirable as that is, I couldn't help but wonder if that money wouldn't have been more beneficial if it were divided up among more schools, or perhaps ones that are trying to thrive a little more but just need the funds to do it? The schools she featured seemed to have great success already. (Not that they couldn't use the money.)

I dunno. I think Oprah has a cult following and the people she "blesses" with her financial wealth is a very exclusive club with very lofty standards, in order to even be considered.

JLI said...

BTW, could you please update your blogroll with my new blog name/URL?

It's http://bluuhippo.wordpress.com


ChiTown Girl said...

I tried SO hard to stay up and watch Oprah yesterday (even though I can NOT stand her!!) but I only made it through about half of the show. But, yeah, that half irritated me. If you can find it playing somewhere in your area, why don't we go see it together when I come? Then Ben wouldn't have to suffer through it. Unless, of course, he wants to. :)

By the way, I had when Oprah gets all the credit for giving away these awesome things, when most of the time, it isn't HER that's giving it away. For example, when she "gave" all those cars away, it was really the car company that gave them, NOT Oprah. It's not like she bought them, then gave them away, you know? Ugh, she irritates me!!

ChiTown Girl said...

That's supposed to say "hate" not "had." oops.