Friday, September 10, 2010

Groovin Into The Weekend...

Is it possible that Jerry's successor (for funny poses at dismissal time) has immerged?  I love this kid!  He is so much FUN!

My mom took this picture of HH and I on Monday when we went out to eat with them at Cheddars. 

I am looking forward to 3:45 today.  It has been a short week, but I have worked really hard.  HH even came up and worked for 2.5 hours after school on Tuesday with me.  Last night was Open House, he brought dinner, and worked some more with me.  I am working hard to get in my groove, but there is a LOT to get done.  Yesterday, my principal came in with a checklist with over twenty items on it.  He comes in our rooms a lot, and I had most of the things checked off, but still.

I have some big plans for tonight, but I will see if those plans win out tonight, or if it is a date at home with the recliner.

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ChiTown Girl said...

Come on over to my place. You have an award waiting. :)