Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Brain Drain

Sorry for the lack of posting....I am suffering from major brain drain.  I've got a lot going on with work.  I am presenting at a conference on Saturday.  I remembered Monday morning that I need some work samples for said presentation.  I have been gathering those, and getting my presentation handouts together.  This is on top of the normal day to day stuff.

Speaking of multi-tasking:

This is the book that I have to read for my history group for this fall.  It is not due until the end of November, but HH has already started reading it.  Our goal is to have it done (with the questions) by the end of the month.  HH has read me the three other books I've had to read for this group.  I love his animated voices, it makes the book more interesting.  (I love to read, just these books are not the type of book I would choose to read for leisure.)  While HH was reading tonight and Monday night, I was grading papers like a mad woman.

I'm Loving...

I am reading this book with a friend from work.  She teaches university classes that are held at our school, and is the student teacher supervisor.  She asked if I wanted to do a book study, and I said sure.  I selected a few books from a catalog, and gave it back to her.  She came in the next week saying she saw this book at the bookstore, and it stood out.  The author is a former pastor turned public school math teacher in Harlem.  This book has really hit home, and I'm only through chapter one.

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