Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday Date...

My HH picked me up from school, and we headed over to Indiana!  We had a lovely picnic.

I love my polka dot skirt.

HH even rubbed my (desperately in need of a pedicure) feet.  I loved when he put his wedding ring on my toe, and I had to take a picture of it.

We were going to pick some apples and tomatoes, but we were running short on time to get to our next destination, so we shopped in the store.

 Then we went to our second Marriage Rocks event.  We went to the first one back in March, and we had to miss the second one because I was in Boston.  The theme of this event was Love is a Battlefield: Conflicts in Marriage.  There were several hundred couples.  The band was awesome, and included some hits such as:

This one is a personal favorite of HH and I:

The couple hosting Marriage Live talked about the silliest arguments we've had in marriage.  They opened with video footage from their wedding, where they were arguing during their first dance.

Some of the other "funny" arguments were:
* Mayonaise vs. Miracle Whip
* A man wanted their six year old to grow a mullet, the wife said NO WAY
* A man surprised his wife with a weekend in New Orleans shortly after marriage, and packed her a sports bra and t-shirt for the ENTIRE weekend.
* A guy told his wife they needed to move away from the cameras at the event, or else they would end up on stage....and they ended up on stage.

We had some questions we answered as a couple.  HH and I have said many times before when we do have conflict, it is often because we are tired and or hungry.  I really don't like raised voices at all, and HH is great about never doing that.  I don't really care for debates that much either.  We are pretty good at discussing our concerns with one another.  HH also says my face is so easy to read, and he can tell pretty easily when he has upset me.

They had a couple who have been marriage counselors for many years talk about conflict in marriage, and that was good too.  All in all, it was an excellent date night.

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ChiTown Girl said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend so far!