Thursday, September 23, 2010


HH and I are a bit sad.  HH is really sad.  He had his third followup with a church last night via phone.  (We had gone to visit with them over Labor Day weekend.)  They had some clarifying questions they wanted him to answer and one major point of contention.  He has worked the whole past week on the point of contention.  They spoke for about five minutes, and they had already come to the conclusion they would not move forward with HH.  They didn't want him to give his whole presentation since they were in agreement. 

I know there is a church out there for HH and I.  Please pray for his spirits, and my being able to encourage him to start over again.


ChiTown Girl said...

Poop. I'm so sorry for Ben. But, I completely agree with you - there IS a church out there for him, and you guys WILL find it. Remember, we can not control His plan!

Name: Lynise said...

Oh Tiffany and Ben, I am so sorry that things didn't work out as you were hoping, but I totally agree that there is a Church out there for Ben and I pray that God will reveal his plans for you quickly so that you both know the direction God has for your lives.

I also pray that God lifts Ben's spirits and comforts you both through the disappointment you are feeling.