Thursday, July 29, 2010


Iron Update:
I had my final iron treatment.  My doctor didn't think it was necessary at this time to have two additional iron treatments.  I am going to go in for monthly bloodwork, and I will have an appointment with her in October.

Lunch with Cheryl and Adrienne:

Cheryl is the wisest woman I know.  If I become half as wise as her by the end of my life, I will be grateful.  I babysat her children (Adrienne is an incoming sophomore), and she has helped me through many tough times in my life.  They moved to Germany in the fall of 2007, so I only get to see her once a year.  I am so thankful for technology that allows us to stay in touch during the in between times.

HH's Extra Kidney...

It was announced today that U2 is in negotiations with the YUM Center (new downtown arena opening in October) to perform for the first time ever in Louisville!  WOOOO HOOOO!!!!  I am consulting black market prices for HH's extra kidney.  After all, does he REALLY need two of them?  One way or another, I will be at that concert!

PCP Visit:
I came prepared with my list of nine items to talk about.  HH is going to go at the end of the month to learn how to give me my B12 shot.  I am going to start taking my potassium ground up in applesauce, because I'm not absorbing it well at all.  I told her all the labs I wanted ran, and I go in Monday for fasting labs.

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ChiTown Girl said...

HH could also sell some blood. Just sayin'..... ;-)