Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finally Some Cooking....

HH has been a saint.  I asked him if I could forget about cooking until after the writing project ended, and he agreed.  Well, the writing project ended on July 2nd, and it is now July 14th.  I haven't made much of anything.

Tonight I made Sausage and Spinach Bake.  I decided to not make it with beef.

I also made Pink Lemonade Pie.  This is the easiest pie ever.  I was sad because my pie didn't turn out pink.  I took dinner and a pie to our downstairs neighbors.  Yes, they love us.

Thanks Kays Jewelers for cleaning my wedding and engagement rings. I had my card out all ready to pay for the cleaning, and the lady said there was never a charge for cleaning rings.  Woot!  Woot!

 I forgot just how shiny they once were!

We went out for a celebration lunch with my student teacher and his other student teaching supervisor.  We had lunch at Olive Garden to congratulate him on getting his first 3rd/4th grade teaching job.  He is going to do great.  Ok, for my non-teacher readers....lets explain all the lunches out.  Teachers really don't get a lot of social time during the year.  We can't meet people for coffee in the morning, or grab a quick bite between a sales meeting.  So, in the summer, we try to make up for lost time by getting together with people who we can't as easily meet up with throughout the school year.  I have lunches planned tomorrow with my brother, and Monday with a lady from Canada.

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freckleonthenose said...

Yay for shiny rings! And yum for dinner and pie!