Friday, July 9, 2010

Birthday Festivities...

I had a good laugh at my card from Wendy.  I have asked myself that very question many times over the last few years!  Post-It Notes are truly a girls best friend!

HH got me some Willy Wonka bars that I noticed last time we were in the grocery store.

Outside Windsor Gardens Restaurant in New Albany, Indiana.  I thought this made for a neat photograph. 

Next Stop: Schimpff's Candies (Featured on the Food Network...Woo...Hoo)
It's no Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, but it was pretty awesome!

You could watch them make candy, and they had so many candy artifacts it was incredible!

My sundae is on the left, and HH took a drink out of his float/sundae.  I had about ten bites from my sundae, and it was perfect!

We went to Cave Hill Cemetery next.  I have not willingly sought to go to many cemeteries in my day, ok actually only Arlington on a few occasions.  This place was so peaceful, and a true work of art.  I could have taken dozens of pictures!