Friday, July 9, 2010

Have Kindle, Will Blog

I bought Joining the Thin Club as one of my first purchases on my beloved Kindle.  I read about 30%, and put it to rest.  Some days are good with where I am dealing with self-image, and other days I just wasn't ready to listen and apply anything I read from this book.  I am picking it back up tonight, and here are some thoughts....

"It does not mater if you slip up and overeat one day.  Everybody does this, even those people who have been thin their whole lives.  What matters is how you interpret the backslide."

"Personal trainer and nutritionist Steve Olschwanger has an aweome analogy.  He likens those who cave on a backslide to those who trash their automobile after getting a flat tire.  'When you get a flat tire, you fix it or replace the tire and keep on going,' he says.  'When you backslide on your diet, the same attitude applies."

"Ready to learn the big excuse that serves to push you down the slippery slope?  The major trigger for a backslide is the excuse, "I'll eat it just this time..."  Have you ever said this to yourself?  Can you see why it can lead to a backslide?  Almost any time can be "just this time."  This is an excuse that easily snowballs.  And once you get into the habit of giving in to excuses, more and more of them creep in."

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