Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Houston, We Have a Problem....

Weighty Matters reports they are now working to approve chewable Lipitor (cholesterol medication) for ages 10+ in the European Union.  I know several of my students who could probably benefit from this.  I remember when quick cholesterol checks first came out.  We got one at our local pharmacy.  Mine was 180 as a 12 or 13 year old.  I would have been a target had this medication been available when I was a child. 

Foodbeast reports the trial marketing of the footlong cheeseburger in California by Carls Jr (known to people in my area as Hardees).


JLI said...

Aside from the sheer disgustingness of a footlong cheeseburger, I struggle with the idea of gluttony being so acceptable in America. The bigger, the better. The more, the better. No one even seems to care.

I think of how food is taken for granted and used as a crutch - a drug for some - when there are Haitian children scraping the ground and eating rocks to fill the void in their stomachs.

Perhaps if the funds and research on how to make a burger taste so good that Americans crave it were used instead to develop meal packs such as what the Feed My Starving Children organization does, we'd be making a dual difference - in America and overseas.

freckleonthenose said...

I must be in your area, cause I definitely know it as Hardees! :)

That said, a footlong cheeseburger is absolutely, unarguably unnecessary. *shakes head*