Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Charter? Nanny? So Many Question Marks???

I am exploring options for if we move, and man the pickings are SLIM.  I used to be a nanny, so I could possibly go back to that.  The other real option might be to work at a charter school.  Kentucky doesn't have them, and after what I've read about them in NYC, I'm not so sure I am for them.  Yet, it may be my only option.  I worry too much.  I don't even know if anything will emerge from our NC interviews. 

We watched New in Town last night.  It was such a good movie, and a very clean movie.  That is such a rarity in Hollywood.  It reminded me of how much I so want to see Harry Connick Jr. sing live!  He is so talented (he only acted in this), but I've always wanted to see his Valentine's Day show in NYC.

I started on my first nerd book of the summer: "Essential Readings on Motivation," by the International Reading Association.  I am very interested in how to find ways to motivate my students to read.  I've been pretty good at this, but I always want to get better.  It is so nice to be able to read without worrying about lesson plans, grading papers, professional growth plans, staying late at school, and the like.

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Missie said...

What about teaching at home for the cyber schools that are becoming so popular. My son was in cyber school and we both loved it.