Sunday, April 18, 2010


Today I had lunch with Penny and two other friends from my college days.  It got to the point of eating, and we all pulled out our "pills" to take.  We started talking about what our pills were, and why we were taking them.  My three friends are at least 125 pounds overweight, and in their early thirties.  I was the only person at the table who was taking vitamins, and they had blood-pressure, cholesterol, and diabetic medications.  I realize that some people really have genetics stacked against them for certain conditions, but it struck me that all these medications could be reduced (if not eliminated) if some weight was taken off.

I take a lot of vitamins a day (roughly twenty) because of my digestive rerouting.  I am happy that I traded in prescriptions for certain conditions for vitamins.

Note: I currently take prescription strength Potassium and Ambien.

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Seth said...

i bet that made you feel pretty good that you didn't have to take all of those medications but rather the vitamins!