Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Eats Creations....

I love the colors in this salad. My dad really enjoyed it!

I know that I already posted a picture of the cookie pops, but I really liked my presentation of them!

This was the dish that I was worried about. I had to make the sauce twice. It started with butter and you were supposed to slowly add flour. I got lazy and added a bunch of it at once. It was very lumpy, and I could not get them out. When I did it the second time and was gradual about it, the sauce turned out fine. One thing I will do next time is work on the presentation of this dish. There is a lot of "empty space" on my dish. It needs something (not sure what) to make it appear more full. I just don't want to detract from the "main" dish though. (Side note: My nephew Logan's eyes got so big when he saw the asparagus. It was so cute to see an eleven year old excited about that type of food! His mom has done a few things right!)

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ChiTown Girl said...

Everything looks so YUMMY! How cool that your nephew was excited about asparagus. Too cute!