Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mole Removal

Yesterday, I had a mole removed off my jawline. The mole has been there all my life, minding its own business. About six weeks ago, a cyst decides to form under it. Even with it being on my jawline, it became noticable (and a pretty decent size as well). I knda psych myself out with these types of things. HH goes with me to provide moral support while this removal occurs. WRONG. They won't let him stay back in the room. Last time they let him stay back, so this is not what I was expecting.

The removal went fine. I'll end up having an inch scar right on my jawline. I have a huge bangage that looks like a cross on my face now. I can remove that tonight and then switch to smaller bandages. The stitches will come out Tuesday.

Yesterday we had lunch at 211 Clover Lane. I really enjoyed my meal there. I liked that they only brought you one piece of bread at a time. I am a huge bread lover, and can easily put down several pieces. By having the waiter bring the bread, I only had two small pieces, and I liked that there was more control for my eating. Last night I dined by myself at Porcinni (HH had to preach at the nursing home).

I know I will be moody about this come Sunday afternoon, but I am not doing ANY school work until then. I am going to enjoy today, tomorrow, and Saturday to the fullest....then the reality of work can set back in after my Sunday afternoon nap.

Check out this article: Jessica Goes Bare for Marie Claire

Off to lunch with a friend, then cooking class tonight!


ChiTown Girl said...

I don't wear a stitch of makeup, never have. If I'm going somewhere that requires me to dress up (like a wedding) I might put a bit of lipstick on my lips, but that's the extent of it.

I have YET to meet a woman who I didn't think looked BETTER without makeup. Plus, I think people look much younger when they don't wear makeup, and who doesn't want to look younger!?

My older niece has been obsessed with makeup (and all things girly) since she fell out of my sister's womb. It's always made me NUTS!!! She's such a beautiful girl, I don't know why she insists on wearing a mask over her face. She even started wearing that really ugly, heavy foundation about a year ago, which just makes her look orange. Ugh!!

Now, the little one (ha! little one! She's 13!) has just started experimenting, and it's making me kinda sad. It's like her innocence is gone. :(

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