Monday, April 5, 2010

This is Tiffany's husband, commonly known as HH.

On Friday, I had the great pleasure of playing the best Aprril Fool's Day prank ever on my wife.

First, I researched the South Korean village which is closest to the North Korean border. It was called Yeoncheon.

Next, I forged a phony letter from a man named Sun Yan Tsing, an elder of the local church of Yeoncheon, South Korea. The letter said that their pastor had recently died, and that they were looking for a replacement. Sun Yan offered a very good salary and seemed extremely interested in hiring me.

Next, I contacted a friend of mine from college, and enlisted his help with the prank. I sent him the fake e-mail and he made up a fake e-mail address to go with it. Then he sent it back to me, and it showed up in my inbox just as though it had been sent from Korea.

I decided to pretend to want to get this job. I figured that Tiffany would be against the idea, so I decided to enhance the prank with some witnesses.

I called Tiffany's parents, my mother and my brother. I asked them to please pretend to like the idea, and they all agreed.

Finally, I asked my college friend to call the house at 9:00 that night and pretend to be Sun Yan Tsing. He was to talk to us for a while, ask us about our qualifications, offer us the job and request our presence there in two weeks. Then he was to pick his moment to break character and yell "Apri Fool". He loved the idea and set to work on his Korean accent.

Long story short, Tiffany bought the prank. Hook, line and sinker, she bought it. But there was one thin that was rather surprising. She was totally open to the idea of going to South Korea. She showed no reluctance at all to follow God wherever He lead, no matter where that would be. I can't believe what a good wife I have.


Missie said...

That was a good joke and yes, you do have a great wife! LOL

ChiTown Girl said...

Yes, you have the BEST wife EVER!!

That was a hilarious prank, by the way. Way to go, Ben!

Stephanie said...

That is hilarious!! So well thought out.