Monday, April 5, 2010

On the Range....The GUN Range....

We rented and shot a .38mm gun. I was VERY afraid, although going to the gun range was my idea. I want to get a handgun and even get my concealed weapons permit. I was not raised around guns, and it is going to take many more exposures for me to feel comforable with shooting. I shot two rounds (10 bullets), and HH shot the rest. Several of the men shooting said that I would be much more suited for a 380, which is a gun commonly used by women, and people who want to carry a concealed weapon.
Another thing I have to work on, once I got it locked on the target, I CLOSED MY EYES every single time I shot.....not a great idea.


ChiTown Girl said...

I love that you want to have a concealed weapon. What a foreign concept, since it isn't allowed here. Although, Lord knows, it would come in VERY handy where I work!!

I've been around guns my whole life. My dad is a world-ranked trap shooter, so we spent a good deal of our childhood watching him shoot. I shot for a while as a young teen, and even had my own gun. I had always hoped that my son would want to take it up as a hobby, mostly so he could have something special with my dad, but he's never been interested in even trying it. He likes to watch, but has yet ever held a gun. Good for you for being so adventurous!

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