Thursday, December 1, 2011


Last night was rough.  I just had a bit where I was very emotional.  I felt really crapped on, and it wasn't cool.  We really have an amazing situation here, especially compared to some of our other friends who are starting out in ministry.  I had my good LONG cry, HH was there....then I read Grace Full Mama's post.  MUCH. NEEDED.  I may never arrive.

I really have good days at school.  I love teaching so much more now than I truly have in the past several years.  That makes this place awesome.  I really got a double portion of laughter today. 

We'll start out with one of my little friends who is pretty far behind.  He was rockin it today, and I said to him, "T, you are really smokin..." to which he looked at me very puzzled.  Yes, he thought I meant he was literally smoking.

Then we are lining up for lunch, and the principal's son says, "You know what would make my life better Mrs. F..."  I say what is that.  "If I had a tail."  Then, another student says you wouldn't be able to sit down.  He replies, "There is a hole in the back of the seat."  It was as if he had seriously contemplated this, just like HH has a zombie plan. 

I finally used my coupon codes for  I got two 16 by 20 pictures, one from our wedding day, and one from the professional portraits we had taken in February.  They will be in before Christmas.  I've saved two spots on the wall for them.  I got $221 worth of artwork for $90.  Not bad!

I bought two pairs of Easy Spirit mini-boots back in September when I had a 30% coupon code.  Today was the first time I wore them, and they are so comfy!  I still remember when Easy Spirit first came out, and they showed women playing basketball with heels on.  While I'm not ready to play basketball in them, I have no swelling, and my feet do not ache. 

One of my girls today asks me at recess why I always dress up so much that I look like I am trying to win a dress up contest. 

Time to rest, and read for my Old Testament class. 

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