Sunday, December 25, 2011

O Holy Night and Merry Christmas

This was our first Christmas without visiting either of our families during the actual holiday.  We didn't have services on Christmas Eve, but did celebrate on Christmas day with our church family. 

I bought this ice cream from our school's fundraiser, and was saving it just for last night.  HH and I approved.  (Love my wedding china!  I was able to complete the set this summer, and I'm happy I have it.  It's dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe too.)

We got a knock at the door around 8:30.  HH went to take care of it, because we get a lot of men who are drunk knocking at our door.  It turned out to be the grocery store general manager (who attends our church), with a lovely gift basket.  He asked one of his employees if there was anything special that Pastor likes to personalize our basket, and the employee said, "He sure likes Diet Mountain Dew."  (I know SMH ChiTown Girl....I deserve it!)  I thought it was nice he tried to personalize it.

This is a print we got a bit ago that I forgot to photograph.  It says 6-29-11.  This is the day we moved to South Dakota.  I want to do a whole theme around it, and perhaps put it in a different place, but for now it works here.  I love Etsy!

These two pictures were taken in the lobby of our hotel.  (We are heading out bright and early to see our families...HH is going to NC and I'm going to KY.)  HH says, "I think these pictures should be on our Christmas card next year."

HH was talking about something, and I just downloaded the "Instagram" app that everyone seems to be using now.  I was playing around with it.  I have seen several bloggers who have captured their "week" in instagram pictures.  Maybe I'll try that soon.

We continued our tradition of having Chinese on Christmas day.  Last year, we went to have Chinese as a late dinner because my sister had not left the hospital on Christmas day.  There was someone to stay with her husband, and we convinced her to have dinner with us.  That was a sad time.  It was nice to have a light-hearted meal this year.

I'm landing in Kentucky at 1:18 tomorrow!  So happy to be able to be with my family until Saturday morning!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a great Christmas...

ChiTown Girl said...

Merry Christmas, my dear friend! You and Ben are such a hoot!

Truth be told, I DID groan a little inside when I read "Diet Mountain Dew." hahaha!! But, yes, it was VERY sweet of the manager to want to personalize the basket like that. I KNOW Ben will love every drop of it, too. :)

I'm glad you're going to be spending such a great big chunk of time with your family. AND, you'll still be home for New Year's Eve, right?

Have a great week with your family. Happy New Year to you and Ben!!