Thursday, December 22, 2011

Picture Full Post

It feels great to update the blog!  Sorry for the rapid fire of posts!  :(  Above is a bag with peanuts and hard of my students gave it to me.  What makes it special?  It is from a student who has taken a bit longer to start liking me (although I don't think she even disliked me, just indifferent before).  Our church passed out candy bags, and she put the candy in a different bag and gave it to me.  She didn't have anything to given, but wanted to give something to me.  Those gifts are priceless to me.

This made my reading teacher heart smile!  :) 

I saw this on a blog, and found it on the Etsy website.  You can find anything and everything you ever have wanted there.  Much of which is sold at a very reasonable price.

I also bought our stockings off Etsy.  Stockings were/are a big deal in my parent's house.  We looked forward to our stocking contents just as much as presents.  HH and I really go out personalizing the contents of our stockings since we don't do big Christmas gifts too each other.

LL Bean Moccasins...they are WICKED GOOD just like the website says.  I love these things!!!