Saturday, December 24, 2011

Just a Pinch Recipes

I've needed some new recipes.  I'll be making some of these things in the next few months...It makes me wish we were not leaving right after church on Christmas Day!  (Maybe I'll make one or two things for my family while I'm home.  What is harder about cooking at home is my mom doesn't cook much at all, so she hardly has any basic spices, so I need to make sure to buy everything!)

Beef Squares

Sausage Rice Casserole

Sausage Balls

Italian Sausage in Pastry Puff

Chicken Empandas

Tater Tot Nachos

Cherry Salad

Pineapple/Lime/Parmesan Cheese Salad

Alfredo Bacon Potatoes

Bacon, Beans, and Everything Nice Soup

Spaghetti Soup

Basil Tortellini Soup

Potato Casserole

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Anonymous said...

this sounds delicious....