Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Finally Back Up and Running Fully Operational...

Major backlog post, as our laptop was not connecting to the internet properly, and that is how I post my pictures!

I made this last Wednesday night for church supper.  They were dubbed "Sloppy Cups" by one of the members.  There was a ton of food that night, and I thought that I had overdone it, but all thirty of them were GONE by the time dinner was over.

We took one of the school cars to the reading conference.  It was a former driver's ed car, so it had a break on the passenger side!

Major foodie geek-out time: Minerva's in Sioux Falls.  I realized that I could have easily replicated the potato topped salmon, but I would need a good sauce to go with it.

Key Lime Pie from Minervas.  This was great, but I could only eat about four bites. 

A random snapshot from downtown Sioux Falls.  I can't wait to explore more (and try out some more new restaurants too) when I take my mom back to catch her flight.

I was so geeked out when I read that Danny Brassell would be speaking at the conference.  I have read all his books, and love his website "Lazy Readers."  I have bought a bunch of books over the years to add to my classroom library from there, as well as found many personal choices I have enjoyed.  I listened to all five sessions he did, and can't wait to get back into the classroom!

I am going to submit seven proposal ideas for next year's conference.  We'll see if any get accepted.  The fifth grade teacher and myself:

On the way back we stopped at Al's Oasis.  I have no clue where this is, but I loved the chair.

In Midland, we stopped at a very small family owned hotel.  I loved that they still had a phone booth inside.  I had to use the cell since there was no phone hooked up.

This sign says: "Smoking Cures Cancer."  I love my sense of humor!

Outside the hotel:  (I would love to come back and use the mineral baths here.  They have been around from at least the 1940s....and at $4.00 a person, I think it is in my budget!)

Schooling Myself in Cooking:

I plan on teaching myself a lot, but I know I'm going to need some help.  Here are a few of the books I bought to start out.

This is the book that I am starting with:

Black Eyed Pea Salad:

2 T Fresh Parsley (I used half of this since dried spices are so concentrated.)
2 T Fresh Basil (Repeat of above)
1 T White Wine Vinegar
2 T Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 garlic clove (I added more because there is never too much garlic)
2 tomatoes chopped
15 oz. can black eyed peas, rinsed and drained

Chicken Salad:
I used a store ready made chicken and cut it up, added apples and grapes to it.  This would have been so simple, but I am a slow cutter, so that added about ten additional minutes to the prep time.

1/2 cup Mayo
1 t curry
1/2 pound grapes
3 apples cut up
salt and pepper to taste

I also made Avalanche Bark and Pink Powder Puff Crunch for my students and co-workers.  I did not take pictures of those items though!  I am trying to add a little "pop" to summer school, and keep my students coming back for more.  It helps that HH has been reading them The BFG each day too.


Kaycie Christine said...

Do you have the recipe for that chicken salad? It looks yummy!! Heck, all of it looks great!

Bandita Senorita said...

Awesome. Do you have the recipe for the black bean salad while you might be looking in your recipe lists?