Sunday, August 21, 2011

Best Black Bean Dip

The girls that I am friends with have a weekly "Pizza and Movie" night.  It started up this Friday.  The host makes the pizza, and everyone else brings other items.  I got veggies.  I was kinda bummed because I had this great dessert recipe.  HH said this gave me an opportunity to show that I am not a one trick pony.

Best Black Bean Dip

I love Tastefully Simple products.  I love all the recipes that they offer on their website.  My dip was a success!

This is a staged picture HH took of me in my classroom.  He needed a picture of me to put in the first edition of the church newsletter that will be sent out to people who support our church all over the country.  This edition will profile different members of the church and what they do.  It is not a good picture to see that I got my hair highlighted and colored.  I feel ready to start the school in that regard.

HH is working on installing our pantry shelves.  We have a ton of cabinets, but I've used them for cooking supplies. 

My Grocery Store Experience...

We stock up when we go to the grocery store.  We have a local grocery store where we can get an impressive selection, but price is an issue.  I try to get the bulk of my items when I go to a big city (closest one is 90 miles).  I had the cart stacked to the heavens at the Wal-Mart checkout.  I start putting my items on the cart, and I notice that a 60ish year old lady has her stomach pressed up against my cart.  There is no one behind me.  She has a look that she is "special", and my conversation with her quickly proves this to be true.  She starts peppering me with questions, as she continues to watch everything that I put on the belt along with standing with her stomach touching my cart.  "Do you have kids?"  "Did you just get paid?"  "How far away do you live?"  I move my cart at one point, and she moves up and LEANS ON IT.  I was seriously feeling my personal space invaded!  The checker could not get me out fast enough!


Anonymous said...

Your dip looks good! I'll have to get those TS products next time I see them!

ChiTown Girl said...

I like Tastefully Simple, too. Yum!

I DID notice your hair! It looks great!