Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School...

Today was our last prep/meeting day, and we had a team lunch.  I brought Frozen Strawberry Crumble.  My co-worker George said that it kicked-*ss!  :)  HH put something on top of it, so when it froze, it messed up the top of it.  I really liked this recipe, but it was a bit labor intensive as I had to make two desserts last night.  HH wanted to know if I had any ice cream left over, and I said yes.  He went to get a bowl out, and I told him to eat it from the carton with a spoon.  He said, "That is why I love you."  I replied, "I've washed three sinkfuls of dishes, and I don't want to wash one more dish."

I made Frozen Butterfinger Dessert for church.  HH had to go put it in the church freezer last night because I didn't have enough room to store it in ours.  I should have put it out sooner to thaw out, but people didn't have a problem eating most of it.  Sorry for the afterthought picture.

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