Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back Home

I took my mom back to Sioux Falls to get her plane on Friday.  We stayed the night there, and I took her to the airport around 1:00 yesterday afternoon.  Before she left, she helped Ben put up this wall art that I bought on Etsy:

Below this quote above our bed is going to be a 16x20 canvas.  I have not placed that order yet.

I also had one made with our name, and the year we got married. 

One the way there, we went to the one and only "Corn Palace" in Mitchell, SD.

Next stop was Sioux Falls Park, home of Sioux Falls.  I went to Niagra Falls in 2008.  It is no Niagra, but it is nevertheless very impressive.  I told mom if I were a guy, I would propose to a girl here!  My mom relayed the message to Ben that I wanted to have our vows renewed there.

My mom loves close-up pictures!

Of course you know I had my dessert seeker in STEALTH MODE:

I found S'more Cheesecake:  AMAZING!

Sioux Falls has an amazing vibrant downtown culture.  It is much more active than Louisville, especially when you consider how much larger Louisville is.  They had sixty sculptures that you could walk around and view.

I could not leave Sioux Falls without visiting Oh My Cupcakes!  It is the first gourmet cupcake shop in town.  They had tall shoes to fill, since I came from Louisville.  I was already well acquainted with the four gourmet cupcake shops there.  I didn't just like these cupcakes it was LOVE.  What I liked best were that you had the "mini" option.  This option was just right for me!  I got eight different "minis" to try out.  It equaled about 1 1/4 cupcakes.  There was a perfect amount of icing on them too.  I know that this shop with be a huge hit, and will be on my list of places to visit EVERY time I am in Sioux Falls.

I also went to Starbucks, got a pedicure, and visited by beloved Cato for some new clothes.  While getting my pedicure, the early sixties Asian man was singing "Don't Want to be All By Myself."  It was hilarious! 

Two breathtaking views on my way home:

Here I am this morning, holding my new notebook for work stuff.  Yes, it says, "Geek out with your beak out."  Awesome!  I also have on a new outfit from Cato.

I am having four ladies over for dinner tonight at my house.  Pictures and recipes will follow!


ChiTown Girl said...

I can NOT wait to come visit!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures look so much fun.

Bandita Senorita said...

Is the whole palace made from corn?