Saturday, June 5, 2010

Vitalady's Blood Test Recommended Levels

Protein: 7's
albumin: 4's
pre-albumin: 20-30's
iron: 80-100
ferritin: 200-300
hgb: 12+
hct: 36+
vit A: 60- 80
vit D: 80-100
calcium: 9-0-9.4
PTH: 20-40
B1: mid- to top- range
B6: mid- to top- range
mag: mid-range
zinc: mid-range
B12: 1000 +
folate: top of range 20
AST (sgot): below 40
ALT (sgpt): below 40

We usually want to "meet or beat" pre-op levels. In some cases, higher is better, and in other cases (cholesterol, PTH for example), lower is better.

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