Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Two Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Indulge

Weighty Matters has a great post today.  Two Questions to Ask Before You Indulge

1.  Is it Worth The Calories?

I've gotten so much better with this one.  My best friend Wendy would say something was, "not worth the calories," and she wouldn't put another bite into her mouth.  If I really don't think something is "WOW" good....I don't indulge in it. 

2.  How much of it do I need to be happy?

I have never considered this question, but what a great one.  Lets look at my love for all cheesecakes via The Cheesecake Factory.  Even after building up anticipation for weeks about going, and pouring over the menu to decide what piece of cheesecake I want....I usually only eat about one-third of it.  Turns out I didn't need to lick the plate clean in order to savor it.

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