Monday, December 7, 2009

Whirlwind Saturday and Sunday

As soon as HH got done chomping down his cookies, we packed up and headed to Eastern Kentucky...Warfield, KY specifically. It was almost a four hour haul. I'm proud to say I slept roughly three hours of the trip. When I was awake, I was reading HH funny parts of a teacher book on my Kindle.

The Pastor Serach Committee took us out to dinner and we made small talk. That night we returned to the motel, which the lobby was fully stocked with any type of hunting or fishing magazine you could ever want. (The place is known nationally for elk hunting. Sadly, we did not see any elk.)

On Sunday the service went well, and afterwards there was a huge potluck. These people can seriously cook. We had more small talk, but they didn't ask Ben any specific questions about his beliefs, etc. I know they were interested in him, I guess they prefer to take their time in getting to know a pastor. They sent us home with a plate full of homemade fudge!

We head back, and I proceed to sleep most of the trip back. We ate dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and I couldn't wait to get back to the recliner. Although I slept a decent amount, I did not feel well rested. I was able to get some major z's at the house, and I feel much better.

We had a light dusting of snow this morning. I have nine more days of school until it is break time!


justafishinabowl said...

You have a Kindle... we are kindred spirits! If I wasn't already married, I would marry my Kindle! :)

justafishinabowl said...
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