Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Haircut and Getting Festive!!!

I decided to go back a bit darker for this go around. My hair was way overdue in needing to be done.
From the hairdresser, I wen to see my best friend Wendy for lunch. We did our Christmas present exchange. It is weird thinking we have been friends for nine years now. We worked together at my first school. She is the person I really miss from there. We still talk every single day after school all the way home. We just have so many things in common, and think in such a similar way it is scary at times. Before we knew it, two hours had passed.
I come home, and HH and I decided to watch Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. I had never seen it before, and man was it funny. One of my favorite lines was, "Did you think I wasn't interested in talking to you, when I started reading the directions on the vomit bag?" I took a short nap, then off to party!
So a dilema came up on Wednesday this week. My dad calls and asks me if I was going to his side of the family's Christmas. He swears that he told me weeks ago. The only thing I've had on the calendar for weeks was my friend Aaron's 35th birthday celebration. For those who are newer to the blog, I have a long history of feeling like a huge outcast on my dad's side of the family. I can pretty much think of a billion things I'd rather do than spend time with them.
I tell my dad that I had already planned on going to this party with Ben, and I hoped he understood. (I didn't agrue the point that he didn't tell me until last minute, because he has been working a zillion hours of overtime, and I know he just simply forgot.) He seemed ok with that. My mom tried to give me a little grief, and then I illustrated just one of many reasons why I decided not to attend. I sent out Christmas cards to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM (trust me that is a lot, reproducing is something they are very good at). Guess how many I got back in return? ONE. It is a card from my aunt, who always sends birthday, Christmas, Easter, and anniversary cards to our whole family. Individually, I can handle these people in small doses, but in a large group, it is awful.
Now, on to what I knew would be an awesome time: Aaron's 35th birthday celebration. We met at Incredible Daves. It was great seeing Kristen and her husband, and meeting Bland, Aaron's friend who is an Elvis costume designer for a living. (Aaron always has the coolest friends!) I was excited that we were at Incredible Dave's because I tend to think of it as the grown up's version of Chuckie Cheese. Our service was really bad, but the conversation was flowing, and lots of laughs ensued. We decided not to play any of the games, and head on over to the best coffee shop in the world.....Days. I got a Peanut Butter Train. I have Kristen to thank for getting me addicted to these. In is a good thing this place is not on my way to work.
Today we are going to our home church. It feels so good to be going there. We have not been for four or five weeks now. We were in NC for Thanksgiving, then HH has been preaching in different places in working at getting a full time job. It will be nice to be among friends.