Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sad News

I got a picture text last night from my sister with an engagement ring on. She has been with this guy for three years. He has progressively become more and more of a loser. HH and I had honestly thought he would stay with her up until the point where they would be common law married, then he would find a reason to break up with her. That would be painful, but then she could move on with her life.

She is going to get married before the new year. Nothing says love like, "Lets get married before the new year, so we can file jointly on our taxes." I guess he decided that he couldn't get a more sweet deal, I mean my sister works 60 hours a week, maintains the house, and takes care of his kids....why pass up on that?

She is just getting married at the courthouse. I will not be there to see it. I've never been so sad knowing the heartache that is going to ensue her in the coming years. It is hard to see her taking this road after the countless times we have pointed out his character flaws. She cannot come back later and say we did not warn her.

HH was so upset he wanted to give her a final call of warning, but I told him no. She has made her decision. It is hard to turn people over to their consequences.

Going to get ready for HH's family Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Does your sister read this blog??

JLI said...

I feel as though I myself have made a very similar situation. And if what you are saying is anywhere close to true, then you just need to lovingly guide her and pray for her, but mostly, SUPPORT her no matter what. She'll need to know she has people on her side that will care for her when the chips fall, instead of judge her and say "I told you so." Coming from current experience, so trust me on that one. I am so sorry. While I believe God can change a situation around, it starts with US changing, and if we won't submit ourselves to that process, then it will be a lost cause.