Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cookies are YUMMY!!!

HH showing his blackish teeth from the cookie dye.

HH taking a bite off of the toy soldier's head!

I decorated these myself. Not bad for a first timer if I say so myself.

The cookie decorating class was great, but missing my student. :( I called her on the way to her house, and of course the cell phone was, "temporarily disconnected." (This is quite a common theme in my school, or changing your cell phone number every other week.) I knew exactly where she lived, so I go knock on the door. I hear her younger sister inside yelling for mom. I wait about five minutes. I figured she might be getting ready, it was 9:15 in the morning, so I was being polite. I knock again, I hear the TV on in the background, and the same younger sibling yelling for her mom. I again wait several minutes. I knock a third time, to which I hear a man yell, "GO AWAY." I respond by saying I am Haley's teacher, and her mother and I had made arrangements for us to go out together today. I quickly wrote a note on a piece of paper and left. I was not taking a chance of letting him answer the door, because who knows how I would be greeted (or with what type of weapon).
I am sadden by these events. I have never had a parent cancel on me when I was doing something SPECIAL for THEIR kid, even the really crummy parents. Sometimes when you are nice you really get burned, but that is the chance you take.


ChiTown Girl said...

That just sucks....

PrettyWoman said...

Awwww, Tiffany, I'm sorry about your student. THat sucks. The cookies are really pretty. Have a good one :)