Monday, December 21, 2009

Hey Jealousy?

I just got back from the dentist, and am getting ready to meet a friend for lunch in a little bit. My sister called asking me if I had something planned for every second of the break. (She doesn't realize too that most teachers put off seeing people for months at a time, and then during breaks try to reconnect with people in "real life" instead of just through email and facebook.) She was pretty sarcastic. I wrote it off, because I truly think she is jealous. She chose to settle into an "instant family" with a man who won't ask her to marry him. She has chosen to give up every bit of life that she could have, for a man who really isn't that appreciative at ALL. Sometimes, I think she wants to get out, but she just doesn't know how.

I am trying out the self-cleaning option on my stove today. I'll let you know how that goes. The kitchen has a funky smell to it right now, like something is burning. No fire alarms have went off just yet though! I tried using the spray cleaner a few years back, and wore gloves....yet I still got a nasty burn from the chemicals. I decided at that point I didn't care how dirty the oven got. Well, I am at the point where it really needs to be cleaned. Hopefully, four hours from now there will be a lot of grime to wipe out. What fun awaits me this evening!

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