Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Weekend

This was the casserole that tasted like BUTT, ok not that bad, but it was a hot soupy mess.

This was on the back of my Cheeto's bag....are you kidding me? Thirteen puffs? I can have that in four bites.
So I had to take a picture of this.....this gas station DIDN'T have pay at the pump. Are you kidding me?

The front of the church....the parsonage picture didn't turn out well at all. :(

Ben hamming it up for the camera prior to the service.

This is the inside of the church Ben preached at today.
After GED Saturday, I came back and packed up, and Ben and I headed out to Central City, KY. We wanted to find the church and time ourselves, so we wouldn't be late on Sunday morning. We got to my grandmother's house about 9:00pm, and left way too early in the morning. This was our first experience with a Pastor Search Committee, and it turned out really positive.
The people were super nice, and they really took a shine to HH. Afterwards, we went to a really nice restaurant, where they informally asked Ben some questions. We got a very good vibe about the church. They will be in contact with us soon.
Yeah to a three day work week!!!

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