Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fun Day....

Ben and I at Red Lobster!

With my dad!

Ben getting ready to try a clove of garlic:

Ben pondering life as he chews up the garlic:

Pear Apples, or as HH called them "Papples":
I had my head in Ben's lap to capture this picture of him eating a Papple.

Kiwiberries: YUMMY!!!

How do you spell love: Three pounds of garlic cloves!!! Now, I don't have to do the hard work for fresh garlic!

My new kicks!

New top!

I debated this skirt, but in the end I really liked it.

Top that goes with the skirt:

Good things come in three: I loved how these pants feel. I've been getting slack at work and wearing jeans. I did so well for the first eight weeks of school, but I have way backed down.

Homemade Pizza on the menu for tonight!!!

1 comment:

ChiTown Girl said...

First of all, you just made me laugh out loud and spit all over my computer! Thanks for keeping your thumb UNDER your new shoe! I take it you didn't get your manicure as planned, huh? You are freakin' hilarious!!!

By the way, those shoes are awesome! So are ALL the clothes. We have very similar tastes.

I can't believe Ben ate a whole clove of garlic!! Wow, I don't even think I could have done that, and garlic essentially courses through my veins!

You look so much like your dad. I hope you guys had a nice dinner togther.

I absolutely ADORE that picture of you and Ben! It's gorgeous! You two look so damn happy, it's almost annoying. ;-) That is DEFINITELY one that should be printed and framed.